Do you know what traffic control is? Have you ever wondered why it’s important? If so, read on! We’ll cover Worksafe traffic control and all of the services that we provide. You’ll learn how you can use it to help maintain safety around your premises.

What is An Effective Traffic Control?

Traffic control ensures the safe and efficient management of vehicular, pedestrian or other non-motorised road users around an area to reduce collisions.

It can make sure that all vehicles are stopped at intersections before pedestrians cross a street so they can safely pass without interference from cars.

With effective traffic control, you can ensure the safety of pedestrians, eliminate traffic congestion and improve efficiency for other vehicles.

Who is Work Safe?

WorkSafe is an all-in-one service company in Sydney. Whether you need disinfecting services, telecommunication services, civil services and traffic control services, WorkSafe can help you.

If you have traffic control needs, through WorkSafe Traffic Control Plans you can prevent…

  1. Traffic jams, which can lead to a decrease in fuel efficiency
  2. More pollution from idling cars
  3. Increased risk of car accidents
  4. Increased stress and frustration among drivers
  5. Decreased accessibility for emergency vehicles 
  6. A less-enjoyable commute for commuters who are not in rush-hour traffic.

That means through our services, not only can you maintain safety and sanity for pedestrians and drivers, you can also help reduce pollution caused by idling cars. Save a life and promote everyone’s well being through an effective traffic control plan Sydney wide.

Worksafe Traffic Control: All About Our Services

Worksafe traffic control offers a variety of services that can help you keep your premises safe from accidents, manage vehicle flow, or even provide emergency. Read below to learn more about them and how they can help you.

24HR Road Safety Service

Worksafe Traffic Control includes 24HR Road Safety Service, which can do everything from supplying traffic controllers for all emergencies to providing a Police or Private Security Officer.

Emergency Callouts

We also offer Emergency Callouts (e.g., when there is an incident) and we are responsible for the design of Traffic Management Plans that will best suit your needs in these situations.

Supply TMP (Traffic Management Plan)

You can also trust us with the design of a Traffic Management Plan, which will detail the traffic control process for your site.

Supply TCP (Traffic Control Plan)

We can also provide you with our Traffic Control Plans to help manage flow and crowds at events or on construction sites.

Supply ROL (Road Occupancy Licenses)

Our company provides Road Occupancy Licenses. This can help you to legally close or cross a section of the road in order to carry out construction work, for example.

Various Permits

We can also provide you with various permits e.g., temporary lane closure and parking suspensions that are required by law when carrying out business on the street.

Main Roads

Our company is experienced at managing traffic on the main roads. We can handle traffic while you are carrying out roadworks, for example.

Council and Police

We work closely with councils and police to manage traffic during events such as parades or festivals. Our company is experienced at handling pedestrian management too (e.g., controlling crowds).

RMS & Council Road Diversions

Our company can help you with RMS and Council Road Diversions. These are roads that have been diverted by the authorities, for example, to deal with a traffic accident or an emergency situation.

Major Road Diversions

We also offer Major Road Diversions which is when you need assistance in handling heavy truck volumes on your normal route.

Road and Lane Closures

Road and lane closures are other services we offer. These can be due to traffic accidents or other circumstances, but often they happen as part of the construction process for new roads.

Major Event Management

If you need event management services such as traffic management during a parade, sporting finals or school graduation ceremonies, our company is experienced in this field. We can help ensure you’ve got safe and organized traffic during your events.

Pedestrian Management

Pedestrian Management is another service we offer. When you need to make sure pedestrians are kept safe and can walk easily on your roads, our company will assist in this area. We can provide traffic control officers who will keep an eye out for those crossing the street or sidewalk.

Stop/Slow Management

If you need assistance with managing drivers that are moving too quickly through a residential area or school zone, WorkSafe Traffic Control offers stop-slow management so drivers know what they’re expected to do when approaching these areas. Our team of professional traffic controllers also knows how to handle mass crowds during events such as concerts and festivals where it’s necessary to bring order among people walking down streets in large groups.

Parking Management

Parking can be a big issue when it comes to people parking their cars in residential areas, and we have the solution. WorkSafe Traffic Control can help you manage this problem by issuing permits for residents or visitors who need to park on your street temporarily, as well as providing officers that will keep an eye out for those that may be parked illegally or dangerously.

Why choose WorkSafe Traffic Control? 

If you’re looking for the leading provider of traffic management services in Australia, then Work Safe might be the one you’re looking for. WorkSafe Traffic Control provides most (if not all) of your traffic management needs. Through our holistic meticulous approach, client focus, and diverse expertise, you can trust that you’ll have an effective traffic management company to rely on.

Take Advantage of WorkSafe Traffic Control Today.

If you’re looking for traffic management companies to help you manage traffic near your area. Whether you’re preparing for road construction or a “near-the-road” event, WorkSafe can help you. Send us a message to inquire now.