Imagine getting stuck in the middle of long seemingly endless traffic. You’re already late for work, and yet you’re in the middle of the road moving slower than a baby stroller.

For the first few moments, you try to scroll through your phone trying to ease the frustrations. But, all you see is the time on the corner of your phone. It dawns on you again, that hours have passed and you haven’t moved one meter. 

Traffic congestions not only affect driver and passengers’ mood and mental health. It also promotes noise and air pollution.

With the frustration of waiting in a seemingly never-ending queue of vehicles, some motorists try to insert in small spaces. Hence, increasing the risks of road accidents.

Not only that, but traffic congestions also affect the economy. You see, when public transportations get stuck in traffic, they get behind schedule. More people will be waiting at the stops leading to compounding delays in transport. This could mean low incomes for drivers and work-delays for the passengers.

Worst, traffic congestions actually prevent emergency assistance from coming through. Whether that’s a fire truck needing to put down fire, or an ambulance needing to rescue an injured individual, traffic congestions will prevent these emergency vehicles from responding on time.

Considering all the downsides of traffic congestions towards safety and the environment, Worksafe traffic control recognizes the importance of preventing them.

If you’re having a road construction or an event that may affect the traffic near your site, then this page will be helpful for you. In this article, you’ll discover what causes traffic congestions and the effective steps to prevent them.

So, let’s get to it. 


What Causes Traffic Congestions? 

To find out how to stop traffic congestions from happening, it’s important to identify the source of the traffic and manage them properly. The most common reason is simply having too many vehicles on the road caused by a blockage in other paths, an event or simply the lack of public transportations. 

Another common reason is having a blockage on the road. Often, these are caused by lane closure due to utility work, road construction double parking and accidents. 

Sometimes it’s caused by traffic signals that are out of sync resulting in inadequate green time. When there’s an event happening nearby, there could be too many pedestrians crossing not permitting cars to get through. 

Lastly, failing to comply with traffic laws often discourage smooth and flowing traffic. Many people practice loading and unloading in unpermitted areas, illegal parking and blocking junctions that could lead to gridlock. 

Sometimes, to stop traffic congestions, you need a grand plan that requires investments such as road widening and tunnelling. However, most of the time, it can be as simple as hiring traffic management companies to help you reinforce traffic laws and effectively communicate with drivers and pedestrians through signs and signals.

 If you’re ready to learn more about how to prevent traffic congestions in your area, here are some of the steps you can follow. 


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Steps To Prevent Traffic Congestion

To solve the problem of traffic congestions, some traffic control companies often suggest widening roads, building tunnels, banning cycling, and closing car parks and so much more. However, the relief from these solutions can be temporary or too long-term.

What if the traffic congestion was only caused by a temporary hazard on the road such as an event or road construction? Solutions like road widening and tunnels seem irrelevant and too long-term. In fact, these further constructions will encourage more difficulty in traffic management for years of construction.

When the obstruction and challenges don’t require heavy engineering measures, you need a more adaptable, current and effective solution. Here are some road management solutions you can implement to prevent traffic congestion.


Actively monitor road conditions

Using CCTV  allows traffic managers to monitor road conditions and observe the causes of congestions. Determining the common causes of road congestions help these traffic managers to strategically prevent them.  WorkSafe traffic control ensures that all CCTV equipment installed on-site complies with the standards required to aid legal enforcement.


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Enforce proper light management

Traffic lights are signals that play a vital role in how drivers act on the road. The colour green means go, yellow means the signal is about to switch to red or green, and red means to stop. Hence, it plays an important role in preventing traffic congestions and accidents on the road. Without it, the road would be chaotic. Accidents will cause blockage on the road, pedestrians wouldn’t know when to cross the road, and there will be no coordination among drivers and pedestrians. 

That’s why it’s important to ensure that the traffic lights are in-sync and functioning well. You can also install traffic light systems that vary the timing of the lights to match the demand of vehicles in real-time. 


Enforce effective parking policies

Have you ever waited in a long queue of transportations because private vehicles keep going in and out of parking spaces? This is one common cause of delays. However, it becomes more challenging when some drivers aren’t following parking protocols. Hence, it’s important to monitor parking spaces in the area to make sure parking regulations are followed.


Prevent turning vehicles

Aside from parking restrictions, there are other policies you can enforce to traffic-prone your area. Another cause for delays is turning vehicles. WorkSafe Traffic Control can help you put signs and signals to implement turn restrictions.


Implement Loading Restrictions

When public transportations load passengers on the streets, it can take a lot of time. That’s why it’s important to carefully design loading areas to improve efficiency.

Traffic congestions affect the environment, reduce productivity and increase the likelihood of accidents on the road. That’s why it’s important to follow effective traffic control systems to prevent them. Soon enough, you’ll no longer see traffic near your site.

If you’re looking for help managing traffic near your site, WorkSafe traffic control can be the solution for you. Whether you’re expecting road construction, an event or a road obstruction, WorkSafe traffic control will help maintain safety near your area. Send us a message today.