With almost 20 million cars in Australia, traffic accidents are still high, especially from an international perspective. Though there has been a significant drop in recent years since the 1970s, Australia recorded in 2019 over a thousand deaths due to various road accidents. Road experts believe that road accidents decrease can be attributed to stricter road safety laws, policies put in place by the transportation authorities, and more advanced and safer vehicle standards.

In separate research, statistics in 2014 alone revealed that 45% of road accidents throughout the country were attributed to young people aged 17-25, suggesting that though there are a lot of road safety measures set, reckless driving by minors continues to be the leading players of car crashes in the continent. Most of these accidents were due to over speeding.

The same research noted that risks of being in a fatal car crash would double for every 5km/hour you drive, over 60km/h. Experts identified at least four factors contributing to Australia’s fatality rate, including Road Design, Law and Enforcement, Driver Education, and Car Safety. Though experts clarify that each road accident varies, choosing the best traffic management service provider can also mitigate road accidents and even fatal car crashes.

Proper traffic management has significantly contributed to the drop in road fatalities in the past 30 years. Data show that Australia had a whopping 60% drop of fatal road crashes through various traffic management service providers availed by local authorities. Larger communities require complicated traffic management services, like those used in congested cities like Adelaide, Melbourne, and of course, Sydney, which remains to be the nation’s most congested city.

Analysis of various data reveals that states with higher populations had higher car accident cases than those with less. In 2018, New South Wales topped the country, both with the highest population and road fatalities. Most deaths were from under the age of 40, with most of them young and middle-aged victims.

Choosing the best traffic management service provider could be a do or die. Researchers (de Souza et al.) claim that congestion is challenging to deal with, significantly when periodical car accidents worsen. They said modern societies could rely on the traffic management system to minimize traffic congestion and its adverse effects.


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