School zones are implemented for the maximum safety of our children. These rules are strictly implemented by the concerning bodies with the help of the traffic control companies. Statistics shows that the main cost of vehicular and road accidents are caused by over speeding. There are a lot of traffic management solutions being made but it is based on the people if they obey these rules or not that is why it is very important to rely on a traffic control plan with a reliable company that knows what is effective or not. WorkSafe provides utmost safety plans and equipment that would truly benefit the community.

School zones must have a safe and efficient flow of traffic as this is also a way faculty and staff to travel to work and is raising major concerns. A go to plan would be to increase mobility, while displaying less tolerance for delays such as limited drop of time, increase travel time and inconvenience because of congestion. Traffic flow would also be very heavily affected if there are any construction operations on highways and this must be immediately addressed as this pose safety hazards not only for pedestrians but also workers.



Over the past decades, modes of transportation for students have also been evolving. A few years ago, majority of students would be walking while minority would be on their bicycles or private transportations but with the convenience of new vehicles a lot of students have switched from walking to skateboards, bicycles, motorbikes, cars or even trucks this is why with the modernization of transportation traffic management should also be evolving to cater the needs and maintain proper traffic flow and most importantly secure the safety for the students.




You might think that having a traffic control plan is easy and once implemented is immediately effective. Traffic control plan requires meticulous traffic management and rigorous event planning. But what makes an effective traffic control plan? There are a lot to consider making sure that it is effective and safe and this will be discussed below. There is a vague understanding about the meaning of traffic but in simple terms this is the interaction of vehicles and pedestrians so traffic management solutions should consider when and where does this happen occur and determine which risk controls are needed. A basic solution would be to minimize the risk of collisions by creating exclusion zones.

Traffic control planning for school zones are always placed on their well-being, school zone traffic control strategies for maximum safety measures. Although the intention of this plan is necessary we should also consider other components of school zone operations are to be compromised so this must also be taken into consideration to make an effective traffic control plan. Here are some basic tips for effective planning:

  • Map out all possible movements of mobile plant and vehicles as well as student activity but also consider the current traffic flow on school zones.
  • Map out students regular routes and see where they overlap with mobile plant and vehicles to identify collision points. Also look into entry, pick-up and drop off points.
  • Make sure to identify the safest routes taken by mobile plant, vehicles and pedestrians and clearly mark them out on the school zone planning.
  • Include exclusion zones, signage, reversing beepers, speed limiting devices, one-way traffic and the like to implement risk controls. This is very important!
  • Make sure to display the new site prominently. Ensure that the new arrangement plans for separating pedestrians from mobile plant and vehicles are incorporated into site inductions for new employees.


Always remember that although the planning has been well thought off it will be most effective if this is consulted with traffic control companies as they provide accurate professional advice and input. Make sure to look for companies who have been through years of experience and is knowledgeable of traffic management solution or traffic control planning in general.

traffic control plan


School zones should have appropriate road signs and markings to make motorists aware of the presence of road users such as young pedestrians and cyclists. Parking restrictions could also be applied. Hiring a school zone crossing supervisor is also a wise investment as they will be present to assist children when crossing roads on their way to and from school.

There should be no hesitations on investing on school zone planning. Hiring professionals will give you better input on traffic control and planning and is surely to be effective. Share your concern for safety with people who, their backbone in giving service is safety and security. WorkSafe is here to provide you cost-effective traffic management with utmost dedication to the safety and well-being of every human life.