We are all guilty of setting unrealistic resolutions for the new year. How many times have you told yourself, “I’ll get that room cleaned, I will deep clean my kitchen”?

Most of us never get to it and that’s where we come in. Work Safe AU‘s cleaning and disinfecting services provide a safe and healthy environment for you and your family with our 5-star deep cleaning services. But before we talk about them, we’re sharing tips for you to consistently have a cleaner home this 2021.

It’s always best to start the year in an organized, clean, and uncluttered home. Here are some home maintenance and cleaning tips to start off the year:


Create a cleaning and disinfecting schedule.

It’s important to schedule when you’ll be cleaning and disinfecting your home, just as you would schedule your tasks at work or even your day-to-day activities. You need to pick a day for when you’ll be changing your beddings, doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen or toilet, and disinfecting common areas that may easily be infected with viruses. This way you can avoid being overwhelmed from piled up mess all around your house.


Focus on common areas.

Common areas are usually the entryway, the living room, the kitchen, and the common bathroom. These are the areas where both your family and guests stay, so they’re usually the areas that get easily cluttered, dirty, and disorganized. These are the places that need cleaning and disinfecting more often since they are always exposed to different people and items that may carry harmful bacteria and viruses. You must have the right equipment to keep these areas organized, like having a shoe-rack in the entryway for instance. Also, make sure to clean and disinfect these areas everytime you have guests over; never skip cleaning them for we never know if our items are already infected with bacteria and viruses.


Stash cleaning equipment around your home.

It’s easy to think about cleaning and to begin doing it when you actually have the right equipment near you. For instance, if you feel like quickly cleaning your toilet, it helps when the cleaning materials are just within your reach. Make sure each bathroom has its own toilet cleaner and disinfecting materials for quick clean-ups. We recommend that you stash some cleaning equipment around your home, instead of storing them in one place. These equipment should include disinfecting wipes and sprays (Clorox or Lysol and other brands), Isopropyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. You can use other cleaning solution but make sure that ay disinfecting solution you make will actually kill viruses and bacteria.


professional deep cleaning and disinfecting services provider

Get help from Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

The new year is actually the best time to ask help from Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services. Nothing beats a spotless and squeaky clean home with the help of experts at the start of the year. Professional cleaning and disinfecting services are a surefire way to ensure safety and cleanliness in your homes during this pandemic. These cleaning services use high-tech machines and Hospital Grade disinfectant solutions to thoroughly clean your home and to stop the spread of viruses and diseases.

Work Safe Australia is a Sydney based professional cleaning and disinfecting services provider. They have a highly trained team that provides the best hygiene and deep cleaning and disinfecting services for any home or business through the use of high-technology devices that dispense exclusive A-Grade Hospital solution to kill viruses and germs.

Start the New Year with a clean and virus-free home with Work Safe!