A construction traffic management plan is a general obligation for anyone to reduce or prevent or possibly eliminate risk to any health and safety in any workplace that it may exist. This is made to make sure that the impact on workers, pedestrians and highways users are lessen and catered.

The interaction of vehicles, machinery, pedestrians and workers are what traffic is in this sense and this needs to be thought about when and where in the workplace this types of interaction may or may not occur and determine which risk controls are needed.

Assessing the workplace to identify areas where pedestrians are exposed to the risks like collisions between machinery and vehicles is a must to make a good construction traffic management plan.



Construction traffic management are plans which traffic management companies are providing and other traffic based plan services as well. This includes road traffic control involving and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around a school zone, a construction zone or other road disruption zone to ensure safety for both workers and the general public.  A traffic management company may include the use of CCTV and other means of monitoring traffic on roadways to manage traffic flows and provide alternative routes and advice concerning traffic congestion.



You might think that having a traffic control plan is easy and once implemented is immediately effective, especially here in Sydney. Traffic control plan in Sydney requires meticulous traffic management and rigorous event planning. But what makes an effective traffic control plan? There are a lot to consider making sure that it is effective and safe. There is a vague understanding about the meaning of traffic but in simple terms this is the interaction of vehicles and pedestrians so traffic management solutions should consider when and where does this happen occur and determine which risk controls are needed. A basic solution would be to minimize the risk of collisions by creating exclusion zones.


construction traffic management



Since all controllers associate and coordinate with movement of all road users, may it be vehicular or pedestrian, and safety on the worksite and around it should depend on professional knowledge, expertise and decision-making skills and the company must show these characteristics and must provide training and education practices on every employee. A company like WorkSafe only certified and highly skilful individuals and have met all the necessary basic requirements to do the job like professional and trained Sydney civil traffic control individuals. A review and evaluation from previous clients would show if these responsibilities have been made by the employees of the company. You should always choose a company who puts safety a priority and with a minimal to none accident record so a long term partnership can take place.

Here are some examples for you to determine good construction traffic management plan:



The easiest and effective way to prevent any risks in any workplace for workers and the public is to keep them away from machinery and vehicles way from each other. This is achievable when you determine and consider areas in your site where each one is placed and going, where people are moving and the like.



It might be impossible to stop movement in any worksite, traffic is bound to happen. Make sure to designate an area for workers to park their own personal vehicle. Using a one-way route would definitely do the job.



Hazard materials are always present when it comes to construction projects. Keeping them visible would prevent any accidents. Signs must be placed on uneven terrains, excavations, falling debris, metal works and the like to keep everyone aware of what is done or been doing.



Individuals who operate small or big machinery and vehicles need to have the proper experience and training as if one does not have it accidents is most likely made. Keep in mind that it is not only those who operate the machineries but also those who assist them.



A thorough and well-vision plan is nothing without regular inspection. This will make sure that everything is according to plan and protocols are followed. Without regular inspection, leniency would most likely to be the attitude of everyone and worst case scenario an accident might happen because of lack of supervision.

construction traffic management


A company who puts safety first above all is a well-rounded company. It is given that services should be of top-quality but it is rare to find top-quality service centred on safety, and WorkSafe is that rare company. With WorkSafe traffic control plan, it is assured that everything is within gold standard, from safety to customer service to planning and even before and after the project is done. The history of the company has been excellent and this shows how we work around here. We provide the best traffic management related services in Sydney.