Although countries now have different lockdown situations due to COVID-19, we are obviously still battling with this virus that’s still present up to this day. It is important to take cleaning and disinfecting our homes and offices seriously to keep ourselves, our family, and friends safe and healthy.

Studies show that the virus can remain in the air and live in certain surfaces for long periods, therefore it is vital to follow these cleaning and disinfecting procedures and to keep them in mind always.


Do not just clean. Disinfect, too.

It is important to note that cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing. You may be cleaning your house everyday, but you may not be disinfecting it from viruses and diseases.

Cleaning is simply removing dirt, dust, and unwanted particles. Disinfecting, on the other hand, is a step further to effectively remove viruses and germs.

So keep in mind that cleaning does not mean disinfecting. They should both be done to ensure that any viruses and diseases are stripped off.


Use products that can kill COVID-19.

Since we now know that cleaning does not automatically mean disinfecting, not all cleaning products can kill viruses and bacteria. It is important to know the products for disinfecting our homes and offices. These products are not hard to find. In fact, you might already have some in your home. These include disinfecting wipes and sprays (Clorox or Lysol and other brands), Isopropyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide.

There are other disinfecting solutions you can find and even make if you don’t have these products on hand. Make sure that any disinfecting solution you make will actually kill viruses and bacteria.


Focus on areas or items that you use everyday.

We don’t need to clean and disinfect our entire homes from top to bottom every single day, but  we should rather focus on cleaning and disinfecting items that have the most number of germs and bacteria. These are items that we touch and hold everyday such as: door knobs, handles of the refrigerator and other kitchen equipment, faucets, toilets, kitchen and bathroom counters, light switches, remote controls, cellphones, mobile devices, and many more items. It is best to use gloves as you clean these items, and to wash your hands thoroughly before and after disinfecting.


Hire Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Consider getting professional help in disinfecting your home from time to time. Professional cleaning and disinfecting services are a surefire way to ensure safely and cleanliness in your homes during this pandemic. These cleaning services use high-tech machines to stop the spread of viruses and diseases. It is highly recommended that you get help from professionals especially for your offices.

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