Do you want insects and millions of bacteria as office mates? If you disagree with this statement, then maintaining a safe and clean environment at home and in the office is the solution for you. Here’s how. 

Your workplace leaves a lasting impression on your customers, and your office leaves a lasting impression on your employees. Hence, it’s important to keep your place of business safe and clean. But, keeping your place of work safe and clean isn’t just for leaving good impressions. You see, having a safe and clean environment can result in either loss or gains for your business.

For example, a dirty working environment can make an employee sick. This employee could spread the disease by touching surfaces in the office. And because the office is rarely cleaned, more employees touch these surfaces. Then, they touch their faces. They get sick. In the end, everybody is too sick to work and be productive. Sick leaves pile up after another, and no one is reaching their goals or fulfilling their responsibilities on time. 

If you own a brick and mortar business, customers might be too discouraged to visit your place because they don’t find it clean or safe. 

Here’s the bottom line. The company loses both money, time, and sometimes, people. 

That’s why more businesses are seeking professional cleaning services Sydney can provide. 

As employers and business owners, it’s our personal responsibility to give our employees and customers a safe and clean place to work and inhabit. Discover the steps and guideline to help you maintain a safe and clean environment whether at home or in the office. 


STEP 1. Encourage Safe Practices in the Workplace 

Practising cleanliness and safety reduces the risk of accidents, injuries and illness. In the workplace, we must prevent occurrences of trips, slips and falls. In the home and in the workplace, safety should be the number one priority. 

Encourage employees and customers to clean up after themselves. To encourage them, one must make the act easy and obvious. Put up signs around the place on proper social distancing, on how to maintain cleanliness and other guidelines to keeping the workplace clean and safe. Make the trash bins obvious and accessible. Make sure tissues, face masks and alcohol are provided or sold nearby. 

With the pandemic around, employees and family members must also practice proper social distancing, washing of hands and wearing of face masks. Social distancing can help slow down the spread of diseases like COVID-19. It keeps sick individuals from being in close contact with people, reducing the opportunities for disease transmission. To practice social distancing, avoid mass gatherings. Encourage employees and customers to maintain a distance of 2 meters or 6 feet from each other. 


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STEP 2. Clean and Disinfect your home and workplace.  

Millions of bacteria and viruses could be on your desks, telephones, handrails and doorknobs. It doesn’t mean you can’t see them, they don’t exist and spread diseases like flu, colds and COVID-19. 

That’s why it’s important to regularly clean dirty surfaces and then disinfect them. Doing so prevent the spread of diseases. Make sure you use the proper tools for cleaning and disinfecting your workplace or home. Some examples of these tools are sponges, towels, microfiber cloths, squeegee, buckets, a spray bottle and scrub brushes. Professional cleaning services Sydney -wide knows which ones are best for certain types of surfaces. So you can always ask for their advice. 

To disinfect, Professional cleaning services Sydneywide use hospital grade disinfectant Australia can provide. You see, not all disinfectants are created equal. Hospital-grade disinfectants are more effective in keeping surfaces free from disease-causing germs. 

For types of equipment, a ULV fogger is used to disinfect houses and large warehouses. But they’re also used to control unpleasant odours, get rid of moulds, mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Because of the lack of time, proper equipment and knowledge on effective disinfecting methods, most businesses would just hire professional cleaning services Sydney can provide.

The workplace will be safe and sanitized. You’ll have your time and attention focused on growing your business while one of the professional cleaning services Sydneywide can handle all the cleaning, disinfecting and work-safety for you. 


STEP 3. Practice proper ventilation in the workplace or at home.

Our homes are prone to condensation. Have you ever noticed droplets of water from outside a canned drink after taking it out of the fridge? Perhaps, you’ve seen your windows form these droplets on the window on a winter morning. This is condensation, the most common form of dampness. The downside of this phenomenon is, if it isn’t mitigated, it can easily lead to mould growth indoors. Mould growth and damp conditions could trigger asthma. Having a damp and mouldy home usually indicates that the building doesn’t have proper ventilation. The lack of ventilation can also encourage dust mites, which are known culprits for allergic reactions, itching, sneezing and eczema.

There’s a long list of safety reasons why you need proper ventilation in your workplace and home. That’s why here are some of the ways you can ventilate your building properly today.

Use natural ventilation. Depending on the design of your property and the climate in your area, you can install some of these ventilators: doors, windows, wind towers, solar chimneys and trickle ventilators.  Mechanical ventilation such as mechanical fans to supply air to a room. Mechanical ventilation is also used to exhaust air from a room.

If you are confused about the type of ventilation to use for your home or workspace, then it’s best to get the experts’ advice on this. Proper ventilation maintains the quality of the air you breathe indoors. It’s a worthy long-term investment for the health of your employees, customers and family.

Maintaining a safe and clean environment at home and in the office gives a lasting positive impression. It also improves productivity, saves money and time for the company. By following the steps and guideline above, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a clean and safe working environment. 


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